Cycling the Camino takes two weeks (14 stages), although I would recommend dividing Leon-Astorga stage in two to spend quality time in both of the cities. When planning the Camino bear in mind that there is plenty of good art on the Way, so you may not want to rush. The route combines the tarmac roads, field tracks, and existing bicycle lanes. Most of the stages are between 50 and 60 km and a few over 70 km in length.

Of course, you can do the whole Camino in one day (done already) or 11 days. And come back home with nothing. Because to achieve your goals you need loneliness and time.

The time is a very important factor.

In all guidebooks, the described route is divided into stages. In this one too but only to give you a vague idea of how you can do this trail. So please treat it as an example. Very good example, but still just an example.

Why? Well, I like to have an adaptable plan and I believe that you should also feel free to design your own stages. Try not to plan in the morning where you will stay at night. Just make a brief plan and await further developments. Spend the night where you really want to (but sometimes where you don’t want to for the world, but that’s part of the experience). Don’t try to control the route – let the route guide you. It will reward you with a great feeling of freedom.

I think that it is important not to rush nor move too slowly. Just find your own speed. It will spare you health problems and make your journey entirely joyful.

DISTANCES: It’s a long way to Santiago


Saint-Jean-Pied-de-Port (Aquitaine, France) 207m6.90 km to the shopping centre “Valcarlos”
“Valcarlos” shopping centre (Navarre, Spain) 244m; 6.90 km0.90 km to Arneguy
Arneguy (Aquitaine, France) 230m; 7.80 km3.50 km to Valcarlos


Valcarlos 339m; 11.30 km14.30 km to Puerto de Ibaneta
Puerto de Ibaneta 1,061m; 25.60 km1.90 km to Roncesvalles
Roncesvalles 957m; 27.50 km2.70 km to Burguete
Burguete 893 m; 30.20 km4 km to Espinal
Espinal 876m; 34.20 km11.10 km to Erro
Erro (Navarre) 655m; 45.30 km3 km to Alto d’Erro
Alto d’Erro 795m; 48.30 km5.70 km to Zubiri
Zubiri 529m; 54 km4.60 km to Larrasoana
Larrasoana 503m; 58.60 km3 km to Zuriain
Zuriain 480m; 61.60 km3km to Zabaldika
Zabaldika 480m; 64.60 km0.50 km to car park/picnic area
Car park with a picnic area 455m; 65.10 km2.60 km to Huarte
Huarte 447m; 67.70 km8 km to Catedral de Santa María la Real de Pamplona
Pampluna/Iruna (Capital of Navarre) Portal de Francia 436m; 75.70 km5.20 km to Cizur Manor
Cizur Manor 460m; 80.90 km14.5 km to Uterga
Uterga 490m; 95.40 km2.40 km Muruzabal
Muruzabal 440m; 97.80 km2.60 km to Eunate
Eunate 386m; 100.40 km2.30 km to Obanos
Obanos 368m; 102.70 km2.50 km to Puente la Reina
Puente la Reina 347m; 105.20 km4.70 km to Maneru
Maneru 469m; 109.90 km2.90 km to Cirauqui
Cirauqui 465m; 112.80 km4.90 km to Lorca
Lorca 446m; 117.70 km3.80 km to Villatuerta
Villatuerta 428m; 121.50 km4 km to Estella
Estella/Lizarra 418m; 125.50 km2.30 km to Monasterio de Santa Maria la Real de Irache
Monasterio de Santa Maria la Real de Irache 513m; 127.80 km5.70 km to Villamayor de Monjardin
Villamayor de Monjardin 682m; 133.50 km11 km to Los Arcos
Los Arcos 451m; 144.50 km6.60 to Torres del Rio
Torres del Rio 458m; 151.10 km11.40 km to Viana
Viana 476m; 162.50 km9.50 km to Logrono


Logrono (Capital of La Rioja) 392m; 172 km11.50 km to Navarette
Navarette 488m; 183.50 km5 km to Sotes
Sotes 662m; 188.50 km2 km to Ventosa
Ventosa 631m; 190.50 km11 km to Najera
Najera 490m; 201.50 km6 km to Azofra
Azofra 551m; 207.50 km7.90 km to Ciruena
Ciruena 718m; 215.40 km6.80 km to Santo Domingo de la Calzada
Santo Domingo de la Calzada 641m; 222.20 km6.60 km to Granon
Granon 728m; 228.80 km3.70 km to Redecilla del Camino


Redecilla del Camino 739m; 232.50 km1.60 km to Castildelgado
Castildelgado 768m; 234.10 km1.80 km to Villoria de Rioja
Villoria de Rioja 791m; 235.90 km3 km to Villamayor del Rio
Villamayor del Rio 780m; 238.90 km4 km to Belorado
Belorado 770m; 242.90 km5.80 km to Tosantos
Tosantos 820m; 248.70 km1.90 km to Villambistia
Villambistia 768m; 250.60 km1.30 km to Espinoza del Camino
Espinoza del Camino 895m; 251.90 km3.40 km to Villafranca Montes de Oca
Villafranca Montes de Oca 937m; 255.30 km11.70 to San Juan de Ortega
San Juan de Ortega 1017m; 267 km3.50 to Ages
Ages 981m; 270.50 km2.30 to Atapuerca
Atapuerca 953m; 272.80 km2.70 km to Olmos de Atapuerca
Olmos de Atapuerca 941m; 275.50 km19 km to Burgos Cathedral
Burgos (Capital of Province of Burgos) 861m; 294.50 km10.30 km to Tardajos
Tardajos 799m; 304.80 km1.60 km to Rabe de la Calzadas
Rabe de la Calzadas 835m; 306.40 km8 km to Hornillos de Camino
Hornillos de Camino 823m; 314.40 km10.80 to Hontanas
Hontanas 887m; 325.20 km7.80 km to Castojeriz
Castrojeriz 790m; 333 km12 km to Itero de la Vega


Itero de la Vega 769m; 345 km8 km to Boadilla del Camino
Boadilla del Camino 784m; 353 km6.40 km to Fromista
Fromista 789m; 359.40 km3.50 km to Poblacion de Campos
Poblacion de Campos 787m; 362.90 km3.70 km to Revenga de Campos
Revenga de Campos 785m; 366.60 km2 km to Villamentero de Campos
Villarmentero de Campos 791m; 368.60 km4.40 km to Villalcazar de Sierga
Villalcazar de Sierga 805m; 373 km5 km to Carrion de los Condes
Carrion de los Condes 832m; 378 km17 km to Calzadilla de la Cueza
Calzadilla de la Cueza 860m; 395 km6.20 km to Ledigos
Ledigos 872m; 401.20 km3.20 km to Terradillos de los Templarios
Terradillos de los Templarios 884m; 404.40 km3 km to Moratinos
Moratinos 861m; 407.40 km2.70 km to San Nicolas del Real Camino
San Nicolas del Real Camino 843m; 410.10 km7 km to Sahagun


Sahagun 838m; 417.10 km9.90 km to Bercianos del Real Camino
Bercianos del Real Camino 856m; 427 km7.80 km to El Burgo Ranero
El Burgo Ranero 879m; 434.80 km12.70 km to Reliegos
Reliegos 835m; 447.50 km6.30 km to Mansilla de las Mullas
Mansilla de las Mullas 805m; 453.80 km4.50 km to Villamoros de Mansilla
Villamoros de Mansilla 797m; 458.30 km1.90 km to Puente Villarente
Puente Villlarente 802m; 460.20 km4.20 km to Arcahueja
Arcahueja 847m; 464.40 km1.60 to Valdelafuente
Valdelafuente 871m; 466 km2.80 km to Puente Castro
Puente Castro 847m; 468.80 km4.40 km to Leon Cathedral
Leon (Capital of Province of Leon) 883m; 473.20 km4 km to Trobajo del Camino
Trobajo del Camino 845m; 477.20 km3 km to Virgen del Camino
Virgen del Camino 910m; 480.20 km4.30 km to Valverde de la Virgen
Valverde de la Virgen 905m; 484.50 km1.50 to San Miguel del Camino
San Miguel del Camino 906m; 486 km7.40 km to Villadangos del Paramo
Villadangos del Paramo 905m; 493.40 km4.50 km to San Martin del Camino
San Martin del Camino 877m; 497.90 km6.90 km to Hospital de Orbigo
Hospital de Orbigo 842m; 504.80 km11.80 km to San Justo de la Vega
San Justo de la Vega 849m; 516.60 km5.20 km to Astorga Cathedral
Astorga 923m; 521.80 km3.90 to Murias de Rechivaldo
Murias de Rechivaldo 882m; 525.70 km4.50 km to Santa Catalina de Somoza
Santa Catalina de Somoza 984m; 530.20 km3.90 km to El Ganso
El Ganso 1.016m; 534.10 km6.70 to Rabanal del Camino
Rabanal del Camino 1124m; 540.80 km5.80 km to Foncebadon
Foncebadon 1420m; 546.60 km2.30 Cruz de Ferro
Cruz de Ferro 1496m; 548.90 km2.40 km to Manjardin
Manjarin 1451m; 551.30 km7.30 km to El Acebo de San Miguel
El Acebo de San Miguel 1181m; 558.60 km2.80 km to Riego de Ambros
Riego de Ambros 988m; 561.40 km6 km to Molinaseca
Molinaseca 625m; 567.40 km6.80 km to Ponferrada’s Templar Castle
Ponferrada 540m; 574.20 km4.60 km to Columbrianos
Columbrianos 553m; 578.80 km2.70 km to Fuentesnuevas
Fuentesnuevas 517m; 581.50 km2.20 to Camponaraya
Camponaraya 506m; 583.70 km5 km to Cacabelos
Cacabelos 506m; 588.70 km2.80 km to Pieros
Pieros 560m; 591.50 km6 km to Villafranca del Bierzo
Villafranca del Bierzo 510 m; 597.50 km5.70 km to Pereje
Pereje 549m; 603.20 km4.20 km to Trabadelo
Trabadelo 572m; 607.40 km4.60 km to La Portela de Valcarce
La Portela de Valcarce 601m; 612 km0.80 km to Abesmestas
Abasmestas 614m; 612.80 km2.20 to Vega de Valcarce
Vega de Valcarce 644m; 615 km2 km to Ruitelan
Ruitelan 660m; 617 km1 km to Las Herrerias
Las Herrerias 689m; 618 km8.70 km to Pedrafita do Cebreiro


Pedrafita do Cebreiro 1109m; 626.70 km4 km to O’Cebreiro
O’Cebreiro 1300m; 630.70 km3.30 to Linares
Linares 1230m; 634 km1 km to Alto San Roque
Alto San Roque 1270m; 635 km1.60 to Hospital
Hospital 1241m; 636.60 km2.70 km to Alto de Poio
Alto de Poio 1335 m; 639.30 km3 km to Fonfria
Fonfria 1290m; 642.30 km10.80 to Tricastela
Triacastela 726m; 653.10 km4 km to San Cristovo do Real
San Cristovo do Real 622m; 657.10 km5.90 km to Samos
Samos 540m; 663 km13 km to Sarria City Hall
Sarria 481m; 676 km14 km to Paradela
Paradela 607m; 690 km10 km to Portomarin
Portomarin 406m; 700 km7.40 km to Gonzar
Gonzar 555m; 707.40 km1.20 to Castromaior
Castromaior 593m; 708.60 km2.50 to Hospital de la Cruz
Hospital de la Cruz 677m; 711.10 km1.40 to Ventas de Naron
Ventas de Naron 705m; 712.5 km3 km to Ligonde
Ligonde 630m; 715 km1.20 km to Eirexe
Eirexe/Airexe 627m; 716.7 km2.20 km to Portos
Portos 584m; 718.90 km5.60 km to Palas de Rei
Palas de Rei 560m; 724.50 km3.20 km to San Xulien do Camino
San Xulien do Camino 476m; 727.7 km2 km to Casanova
Casanova 475m; 729.70 km3 km to O’Coto


O’Coto 481m; 732.70 km0.70 km to Leboreiro
Leboreiro 450m; 733.40 km3.80 to Furelos
Furelos 415m; 737.20 km1.70 km to Melide
Melide 453m; 738.90 km5.50 km to Boente
Boente 428m; 744.40 km2 km to Castaneda
Castaneda 420m; 746.40 km3 km to Ribadiso do Baixo
Ribadiso do Baixo 310m; 749.40 km3 km to central Arzua
Arzua 393m; 752.40 km5.50 km to Calzada
Calzada 387m; 757.90 km5.80 km to Salceda
Salceda 369m; 763.70 km4.90 to Santa Irene
Santa Irene 370m; 768.60 km2 km to Pedrouzo Arca
Pedrouzo (Arca) 270m; 770.60 km9.50 km to Lavacolla
Lavacolla 305m; 780.10 km5.60 km to Monte do Gozo
Monte do Gozo 377m; 785.70 km5 km to the Cathedral of Santiago de Compostela