At twilight: Bedbugs and consortes

Although the Camino is amazing it has some weak points. The time has come to reveal a secret. Bedbugs. Sad, but true. Bedbugs kept people company on their journeys to Compostela in the 12th century and almost one thousand years later they are still keeping us company. Some things don’t change I suppose. The problem is not exclusive to any particular part of Camino, although it might be stronger in some parts. I don’t want to point the finger at particular albergues, simply because I can’t tell you for sure which albergue is small vampire free. Everything changes from one season to another.

I guess that around 30% of the refugios a year have this problem. It is a very good idea to buy a sheet or sleeping bag with special anti-insect protection (I always pack both), but I prefer to give you better advice – don’t bother about bedbugs. Although I absolutely hate them and before going to Spain I never had this problem, after a few days of panicking and thinking about bedbugs the whole day long (it was the time I was walking to Compostela) I realised that there are only two ways out of this situation: go home immediately or accept the situation. I resolved that small repulsive insects won’t stop me from finishing my fantastic journey. No way. Later on, I realized that it is part of the experience, in the deeper meaning of the word. Like everything else on the Way bedbugs also serve a purpose, they have some function.

I don’t know about you – you might avoid the problem completely. And myself…well, when I stopped worrying about bedbugs they just disappeared as unexpectedly as they had appeared.